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Cenote Azul Visitor Info & Prices [2024]

Discover why you must experience Cenote Azul, a captivating sinkhole nestled in the Riviera Maya. Here's essential information for your visit, including updated prices.


Cenote Azul, near Playa del Carmen, is among the myriad cenotes dotting Quintana Roo state in Mexico. Its name, translating to "blue cenote," hints at its distinguishing feature: stunning turquoise water that beckons as an oasis in the Mexican heat.


This cenote isn't just a natural wonder; it's a sacred site for the ancient Mayans, adding an aura of mystery and depth to its allure. Situated in the Yucatan Peninsula (distinct from Bacalar's Cenote Azul), it's renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, attracting both locals and tourists.


What sets Cenote Azul apart is its range of activities. From swimming and snorkeling to diving adventures, there's something for everyone. Let's delve into what makes cenotes so special.


A cenote is a natural sinkhole formed over centuries as limestone caves collapsed, revealing pools filled by rainwater and underground rivers. The Mayan term "dzonot," meaning well, captures the essence of these unique formations.


Cenotes come in three main types:

Open Cenotes: These are like natural, open pools of varying depths, with some connected to underground river passages. Examples include Cenote Zacil-Ha near Tulum and Cenote Cristalino, besides Cenote Azul.

Semi-open Cenotes: Partly exposed and partly hidden by caves, these cenotes offer a blend of open and sheltered spaces. Gran Cenote is a prime example.

Cave Cenotes: Accessible via land-level entrances, these cenotes reveal underground pools with diverse depths. Cenote Oxman near Valladolid exemplifies this type.

Beyond their physical beauty, cenotes hold immense cultural and religious significance for the Mayans, who viewed them as portals to the underworld. To honor this heritage, visitors should tread responsibly—avoid littering, carry out trash, and use biodegradable sunscreen.


Prepare for an enchanting journey at Cenote Azul, where natural beauty meets ancient mystique, promising an unforgettable experience in the heart of Riviera Maya's treasures.


All things Cenote Azul.

Cenote Azul embodies the essence of untouched natural beauty, a serene water-filled sinkhole inviting you to immerse yourself in its refreshing blue waters.


Situated near three other renowned cenotes in Playa del Carmen—Cenote Cristalino, Cenote Jardin del Eden, and Cenote Kantunchi—visiting two or three of these nearby wonders makes for an ideal day trip from Tulum or Playa del Carmen.


Conveniently, there's a free parking lot just outside the cenote, with the ticket booth adjacent.


Unlike some cenotes that require venturing into caves, Cenote Azul is an open-air marvel resembling a vast natural swimming pool, eliminating any concerns about claustrophobia.


The expansive swimming area caters to all, with shallow zones suitable for children, complemented by the option to rent life jackets for added safety. Stepping stones throughout the water offer places to stand, although caution is advised due to potential slipperiness.


For the adventurous, the deeper sections beckon with opportunities for swimming and cliff diving, featuring a 15-foot natural platform for exhilarating leaps.


As one of Mexico's largest cenotes, Cenote Azul ensures ample space for relaxation amidst the native iguanas.


Embracing its role as a natural fish spa, the crystal-clear waters teem with fish eager to nibble on dangling feet—a thrilling and ticklish experience. Snorkeling enthusiasts will find delight in exploring the underwater world, observing a diverse array of fish and plant life.


While snorkel gear may be available onsite, bringing your own is advisable for a personalized experience.


Keep in mind that certain products like sunscreen and bug repellent are restricted to protect the delicate ecosystem. Should you inadvertently use these products, showers onsite are available to cleanse before entering the cenote.


Pro tip: Opt for reef-safe sunscreen to not only adhere to cenote regulations but also contribute to environmental preservation during your Mexican adventures.


Facilities Available at Cenote Azul:


Given its popularity, Cenote Azul offers several facilities to enhance your visit, although it's not as secluded as Cenote Calavera.


1. Bathrooms & Changing Rooms:

   There are bathrooms and changing rooms where you can comfortably transition into your swimwear and back to dry clothes.

2. Showers:

   Adjacent to the cenote is an open-air shower, ideal for rinsing off before and after your aquatic adventures. Its use may be mandatory for hygiene reasons.

3. Food Options:

   The onsite snack bar/restaurant serves a variety of snacks, soft drinks, and tacos—perfect for a quick lunch. Alternatively, you're welcome to bring your own picnic.

   Note: While food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed, alcohol is not permitted, and any brought in may be confiscated.

4. Parking:

   Ample free parking is available just outside the cenote. Arriving early ensures you secure a convenient parking spot.

5. Other Amenities:

   You can rent life jackets, snorkeling gear, and lockers onsite for added convenience and safety.

6. Children's Activities:

   For families with children, there's a shop where you can purchase fish food to enjoy feeding the fish—a delightful experience for young visitors.


The facilities are designed to cater to your basic needs during your cenote visit, offering everything necessary for a few hours of exploration and relaxation.


⚠️ Remember to bring cash as most transactions at Cenote Azul are in Mexican pesos, including the entrance fee and any purchases or rentals onsite.

Important Information

- Entrance Cost: The entrance fee is 150 MXN, which is approximately 7.50 USD.

- Opening Hours: Cenote Azul is open daily from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

- Location: It's located 16 miles (26 km) south of Playa del Carmen, near Puerto Aventuras in the Riviera Maya.

- Best Time to Visit: To avoid crowds, it's best to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon on weekdays.

- Activities: Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities at Cenote Azul, suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. Drones are not allowed, and there are rules against using sunscreen, bug repellent, smoking, alcohol, fishing, and harming the environment.

- Alcohol Prohibition: Alcohol is not allowed at Cenote Azul, in line with the rules to protect the natural environment of the cenote.

How to get to Cenote Azul

1. Rent a Scooter from Coco Motos

For a more adventurous and flexible way to explore, consider renting a scooter from Coco Motos. They offer scooter rentals with delivery service to Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Puerto Morelos. Riding a scooter allows you to enjoy the scenic route at your own pace.

To get to Cenote Azul from Playa del Carmen with a scooter rented from Coco Motos, follow these steps:

- Head south on the main road or take the scenic route along the coastline for a more picturesque ride.

- Pass through Puerto Aventuras and continue until you see the Barcelo Hotel Resort entrance.

- Coco Motos provides helmets, raincoats, and USB chargers with every scooter rental, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

2. Drive a Rental Car

Renting a car is convenient if you plan to visit multiple attractions. From Playa del Carmen, take the 307 Highway southbound, pass Puerto Aventuras, and watch for the Barcelo Hotel Resort entrance. Follow the signs to Cenote Azul. The drive takes about 25 minutes from Playa, 30 minutes from Tulum, and around 1.5 hours from Cancun.

3. Take the Colectivo

This is a cost-effective option. Head to 2nd Street in Playa del Carmen and find a colectivo heading south towards Tulum. Tell the driver you're going to Cenote Azul. If coming from Tulum, take a colectivo northbound toward Playa del Carmen. From Cancun, take two colectivos, one to Playa and another toward Tulum.

4. Take a Taxi:

Taxis are more expensive but convenient. From Playa del Carmen, expect to pay about 700 MXN. Arrange for the taxi to pick you up later, as getting one from Cenote Azul might be challenging.

5. Hire a Driver

For a comfortable option, hire a private driver who can pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. This allows you to plan a full day of activities and ensures a hassle-free experience. Consider reputable transportation services like Cancun Airport Transportation for a reliable journey.

Packing list

1. Swimwear: Essential for spending most of your time in the water.

2. Snorkel Mask or Goggles: Bring your own for convenience and hygiene, as renting can be less ideal.

3. Biodegradable Sunscreen: Protect yourself and the environment with eco-friendly sunscreen.

4. Water Bottle: Stay hydrated with a refillable bottle, reducing plastic waste and saving money. Consider a LifeStraw bottle with a filter for added convenience.

These items will ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience at Cenote Azul while being mindful of environmental impact.



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